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Here is where you will find information on maintenance or outages that may affect your service, as well as announcements about upgrades, areas we are launching new service in or other information we feel is important for you.

New Era Broadband
New Era BroadbandFriday, September 29th, 2023 at 11:15am

During the past few weeks, Internet usage in our network has increased tremendously! A big contributor to this is more and more folks are streaming their TV viewing. Many folks are dropping DIRECTV and DISH to stream with services like Hulu, YouTube, and our own NEB-TV. And on top of that, NFL games are now on Prime TV and YouTube – streaming only! This has put a much bigger demand on our system. The past few evenings have seen slowdowns at a couple of locations where we connect to the Internet due to demand outpacing supply. The good news is the cavalry is on the way! We are doubling the capacity at these connections to absolve the bottlenecks. This should happen within the next couple of days – as quickly as our provider can get it done. We apologize for the evening slowdowns. This rapid increase in demand took us by surprise. But the increased bandwidth should future proof us for some time to come.

Thank you!