Smarter Security for Home and Business


Security cameras installed by New Era Broadband are a great way to check in on your property, deter criminals, and provide video evidence when needed. The cost and complexity of systems can vary greatly. Our knowledgeable team can guide you through the various security camera types and provide information about some of the popular options available. We’ll help you make the most cost-effective choice for your home or business.

    Hardwired and Plug-In Cameras (Wi-Fi Enabled)

    There are hardwired and plug-in versions of Wi-Fi cameras available which provides an advantage over having to recharge batteries. Footage can be typically viewed from an app on your phone, and it’s either stored in the cloud or backed up locally on a hub or micro-SD card. With some camera systems, you’re able to record 24/7, though a subscription may be needed.

    Fully Wired Cameras

    Fully wired cameras, such as those powered over ethernet, can store the footage on a local hard drive called an NVR. The footage can still be accessed from an app or computer, but it can also be viewed directly on the device by adding a monitor. Advanced smart homes can use the video feed from the NVR to bring up the live feed on any TV in the house.

    Many security cameras come with features including detection zones, which limit notifications and recording to only designated areas within a shot—avoiding the street, sidewalk, or even movement within trees that could set some cameras off. Advanced systems can use artificial intelligence to determine if the movement is from a person, animal, or vehicle. These features typically require the camera to have a constant source of power and may require a subscription.

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