Continue processing transactions even if your primary ISP goes dark!

Keep your Point of Sales operational via 4G data connection. Our multi-carrier system assures that you can communicate, process transactions and keep operating your business when there is an outage.

  • 20GB – $ 50.00/mo.
  • 150GB – $ 85.00/mo.
  • 300GB – $ 95.99/mo.
  • 500GB – $109.99/mo.
  • 750GB – $124.99/mo.

Monthly fee for service plus additional one-time $449.00 installation fee. Installation fee reduced for plans of 300GB and above with length of service contracts. Length of contract determines installation fee reduction: 1 year contract reduces install fee to $350.00. 2 year contract reduces install fee to $250.00. 3 year contract reduces install fee to $150.00. 4 year contract reduces install fee to $50.00.

No fee to increase data usage or return to original level. Additional fee may apply to drop to lower level plan if operating under terms of a contract. Additional fee will be determined at time of and before change.

With Your Business, You Have Too Much To Lose

When Your Internet Goes Out!

New Era Broadband’s ICMQ-412 Enterprise Class Multi-Carrier 4G Router

New Era Broadband’s ICMQ-520 Enterprise Class Multi-Carrier 5G Router

Subject to 4G and/or 5G service availability of one or more of the following services: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

Custom Network Solutions Available

New Era Broadband’s professional Network Technicians can customize your system to provide hands free seamless failover to this 4G solution when your cable or fiber provider loses service. Talk to us about our hands-free systems and Network IT Support options.