Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Rural Broadband Internet employing Near Line Of Site (NLoS) technology. You must reside in an area where we can receive an adequate signal from one of our Access Point towers to qualify.

New Era Broadband FAQ

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How do I know if/when I can get New Era Broadband Service?

There have been a lot of questions about who New Era Broadband can and cannot serve with our Point to Multi-Point wireless broadband service. If you are wondering if we can reach your location, first, we suggest you consult our coverage page.

If your location lies in the green, there is a very good possibility that we can reach you. Then next question is, can you physically see the tower from the structure where you want the service installed. If the answer is yes, then it's a "slam dunk". We don't need to investigate any further. We can serve your location. But if the answer is no, that does NOT mean you cannot receive the service. It just means we'll need to take a closer look and even perhaps do a signal strength (site survey) test at your location. Depending on signal strength, we'll determine which technology will best serve you. There have been rumors going around that you must be able to see the tower to receive our service. This is not true. Please call our toll free number at 866.937.9991 and we'll let you know if we can set you right up for service or if a site survey is required first.

Remember, that we are in a rapid expansion time, and within a few months, we'll cover virtually the entire Meigs County Ohio area that currently does NOT have high speed services. Also, keep an eye out for our bright blue and white yard signs. They'll let you know that we're in your area!

We look forward to hearing from you!

What is Digital Phone?

Digital phone is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service that is transported via you Internet connection instead of the copper lines. You don't need your old phone company to use Digital (VoIP) phone.

Do I have to live in Meigs County to get New Era Broadband Service?

Not necessarily. As we expand, our signal will cover areas in Gallia, Vinton and Athens counties in Ohio, as well as Mason and Jackson counties in WV. Again, check the Coverage Areas for more info. And you can always call our Toll Free number (866) 937-9991 or fill out our online Request Form.

What if I don't have land line phone service?

No land line? No problem! Our service does not require a land line and is NOT satellite based, with the frustrations that go with that (if you have satellite, you KNOW what we are talking about!)

What if I cannot afford the install fee?

If the $199.99 installation fee is too much for a single payment, we'll spread $49.99 out over your first four months service and you can pay it that way.

If I need to call in, do I have to talk to someone overseas?

Absolutely Not! You'll ALWAYS talk to someone in good 'ole Ohio - 24/7!

What if I want to change plans?

We have two levels of service, our 1MB and our 4MB plans. If you are eligible for the 4MB service, we'll install the equipment necessary to support that service at the time of your installation. Then, you can switch between plans whenever you wish with a simple phone call. However, if your location only allow us to provide the 1MB service, then upgrading will not be possible. (But between you and me, you're going to be very happy with the 1MB service)

Can I keep my current email account?

You sure can! But, if you wish, we can provide you a crisp, clean account, powered by Gmail. All the benefits of Gmail (spam filter, storage, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc) and you can probably get the user name you wanted but couldn't get elsewhere! Oh, and did I say it's FREE with your account? (up to three free accounts - more for a small fee)

Am I locked into a long term agreement?

Well, if you consider 24 months "long term", then yeah! But you know, it's not easy bringing Internet out to these remote areas, or somebody would have done it a long time ago. We don't think 24 months is a long time in exchange.

Can I use Vonage, Skype or Magic Jack for my phone service over this Internet?

It depends. If you qualify for and subscribe to our Turbo service, it should work great. If you qualify for our Turbo service, and only subscribe to the Basic plan, it "will probably" work. If you qualify for only our Basic service, it will probably not work and don't complain to us if you try it. We will, however, let you in on a little secret now. New Era Broadband will be offering Internet Phone (VoIP) soon to ALL of our customers, regardless of plan. It's specifically tuned to work with our system, and it will be a Smokin' Hot Deal! Stay tuned!

What's the difference between a "standard" and a "non-standard" installation?

A Standard installation means we'll include all hardware and labor to mount your equipment no more than 15 feet off the ground, we can reach your desired entry into your home with 50 feet or less of network wire, and we'll come through no more than one wall.

A non-standard installation is one where the entry into the home requires more than 50 feet of network wire, and/or you want us to go through more than one wall, and/or you want us to take the wire through a crawl space or through a basement, and/or the exterior equipment needs to be mounted more than 15 feet off the ground, and/or other "special" circumstances exist. Your installer will give you a solid price for a non-standard install BEFORE work begins.

Once I'm scheduled for an install, what should I expect when the installers arrive?

  • The installers will check to see where on the outside of your residence or place of business is the best location to place the Subscriber Module (Radio).
  • They will need to see where your computer or wireless router is located, and determine how to run the network wire to that location.
  • Once the equipment is installed, they will configure your Internet connection using their own computer.
  • The technician will then attach the connection to your computer or router.
  • The 24 month agreement will be explained and you will be asked to sign.
  • Your online account portal and your email (if you choose to have a "" email address) will be demonstrated and icon links placed on your desktop.

Note: The installer is not prepared to configure your home network or make repairs to your computer or equipment to get the connection to work. New Era Broadband offers toll free technical support to assist with these matters. The installer will demonstrate that our connection is working before he leaves.

Also Note: Scheduled install times are approximated. Our installers never know for sure what they will get into or how long an install will take. So they may be a bit later than expected heading over to your install. Sometimes, the previous install may be so challenging that they have to reschedule your install. But we really work hard to keep this type of thing to a minimum.

Does weather affect my Internet like it does satellite service?

Generally, weather does not affect your Internet service with New Era Broadband. Weather can, however, affect our ability to perform an installation on the day you are scheduled. For the safety of our installers, we will not attempt to perform an installation in rainy or icy weather, as climbing on ladders can be too dangerous. Besides, you would not want us tracking mud through your home anyway, would you?

What choices do I need to be prepared to make when I sign up for service?

What choices must you make? Well, not very many. If you are eligible for the 2.4GHz radio service, you will need to decide if you want the Flex (1MB service @ $34.99/mo) or the Turbo (4MB service @ $59.99/mo). If you are eligible for the 900MHz service, you have no decision to make here, as the 1MB Cruiser service ($34.99/mo) is the only choice. Regardless of service, you will need to decide if you want to keep or waive the $4.99/mo equipment replacement service. You will need to decide if you want a "" email address (up to three are free). If you do, you'll need to decide what email name you want. You will also need to decide if you want to pay the $199.99 installation fee all at once or pay $49.99 per month for your first four months of service.