Coverage Areas

If you reside in a location covered by bright green, you can probably be served!

Wireless Rural Broadband Internet employing Near Line Of Site (NLoS) technology. You must reside in an area where we can receive an adequate signal from one of our Access Point towers to qualify.

Check Your Address!

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Check Our Coverage Maps!

Click the links below to see a coverage maps for each of these areas. The list of covered areas will grow rapidly, so keep checking back!

  • Mile Hill Rd. (TP-C Water Tower)
  • Racine (Greenwood Cemetery Rd)
  • McKenzie Ridge (MARCS Tower)
  • Five Points (TP-C Water Tower)
  • East Letart (TP-C Water Tower)
  • Rainbow Ridge (New Era Tower)
  • Pomeroy Gun Club (New Era Tower)
  • Roy Jones Rd. (New Era Tower)
  • Cook Rd. - Carper (TP-C Water Tower)
  • Rainbow Lake - Helwig Ridge Rd.
  • Old Forest Rd (Pickens Farm)
  • Whole Network